Alec Ogletree Branches out to Newnan Georgia.

" Just make a left at the light, you'll see it up the hill Mamm and welcome to Newnan !! " He literally stopped putting his Christmas tree on the hood of his car to walk over and give me directions. It was if someone plucked him from a Hallmark Card. Newnan, Georgia has to be one coziest small town cities to live in. The 40 minute long drive through smooth paved roads was well worth the moment at hand.

I was invited to Alec Ogletree's 4th Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway at his Alma Mater, Newnan High School. Pulling up to NHS smiles wider than Texas went on for almost 2 city long blocks by locals proudly fisting 2-3 bags of everything needed for the perfect Thanksgiving Dinner. Butterball, Stove Top were just a few kitchen table favorites. Once closer inside the well produced operation familiar faces came into view. The entire Ogletree klan wearing bright green shirts bearing Turkey Giveaway event pitched in handing food bags to hundreds of Newnan residents.

1 hour poured into  3 and it was time to say good-bye. As Alec patiently took pictures with all his supporters everyone was already talking about next year. Thanks again to the entire Ogletree Family for inviting me to a bird's eye view of how family is served in Newnan Georgia.