The Demoralized Mind by Dr. Sheika Square

The Demoralized Mind!



I saw a man today that walked with a limp. Not the type of limp that comes with a pimp stroll, but the kind of limp that one is born with, inflicted with, or blessed with. This man didn't seem to walk with a blessing though. He seemed to walk with shame. See when I noticed this man he was running for the bus. When this man noticed me he stopped running and began to walk; walk with shame. A walk that attempted to hide what he may have been born with or blessed with.

This man possessed what appeared to be so much shame about a limp that may have been meant to deliver him; he now looked at it as a curse. In his attempt to hide what would not be hidden, he missed his bus.

 I started to wonder how something that was a part of someone for whatever length of time, could cause them so much shame, so much despair, that they would inconvenience themselves just for the hope of appearing like everyone else. In an effort to maintain a sense of normalcy, certain groups in society internalize stereotypical elements construed by other groups to maintain power (Parker, Deyhle, Villenas, 1999).

Be like everyone else, they say. Wear what everyone else wears, they say. Different is bad…straight paths are good, they say.  Members of our culture, members of all cultures buy it. We change our hair to be more accepted. We participate so we don’t stand out, and we miss our moment to we can feel like we fit in.


What cost are we willing to pay for admission into a society we were never designed to fit in to? 


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