Gumbeaux for Da Soul by Chef Nureka #39



Revamping Your New Life

Although many times he accused me of having a "me" mentality the truth is everything I considered , embarked upon and did was with a " we" mindset.

As I began to restructure my life I had to start thinking about everything excluding him and the plans I had for us; the plans that we had made for us...

I saw his initials and the phrase "power couple" on my vision board and thought to myself: "wow; how life changes". I am removing his initials as he is no longer a part of my vision. I do plan to leave the phrase "power couple" as I plan to achieve that with my next mate (no rush in being ready when HE finds me👀).

Seauxxxxx although transition and change can be uncomfortable and challenging it is vital to your success moving forward. We must as the Serenity Prayer says "accept the things we cannot change". Even more important we must "have the courage to changes the things we can". You most definitely need to have the "WISDOMto know the difference ".

Yes, I'm getting busy working on my updates Vision Board and life is grand. Many plans that were put off be a HE didn't agree are now in full swing.

When you revamp your life to can REvisit all the ideas, goals and plans that HE didn't agree with or support.

I challenge you to begin to REwrite your vision and start writing the next chapter in your story. I found the strength and courage to do so and I'm confident you can and will as well

Your Favorite Chef



Love ya guys!

Your Favorite Chef NuReka

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