PlayDate Rules by Bibby Gumbo

Playdate Rule # 1 - Moms Scared of Boo Boo ! 

This week I was invited to play at my pal's Acen house and overheard his mom say, " I don't do dirty diapers ". Which brings me to play-date rule ONE. Moms don't be scared of SHEET !!! Diapers are made to hold us but it's moms and dads that hold the baby-wipes which holds the power. I guess what I'm saying is DONT BE SCARED OF SHEET !!!!

So to Acen's mom, when I stroll over for the next play-date be ready and willing to change my diaper cuz' you just might save a bibby's nose from the cray cray ! Afterall what my diaper can't hold your couch will catch. #PlaydateRules


Iyla Grace @BibbyGumbo