4 Books Every Business Woman Needs

1. Art of Seduction by Robert Greene

Robert's quiet demeanor has nothing to do with his outspoken approach to cross historic figures with real life relationship lessons. From the bedroom to the boardroom this book is a MUST HAVE. Even though his latest book "Mastery" makes a hard statement, I'm in ole school love with his class ink, " Art of Seduction ". Get this book here



2. Passport to Success Workbook by Renee Jefferson-Smith

Houston based Life Coach / Community Advocate, Renee Jefferson-Smith cuts no corners in quick yet thorough methods to do everything from erasing credit mishaps, organizing your corporate portfolio to creating the perfect vision board for your home or office. Get this book here.



3. The Other 99 Times by Carlos Wallace

This book will teach you to appreciate the good in your life and encourage you to maintain a positive attitude despite the negativity that surrounds you. Sometimes, we spend so much time focusing on the one thing that went wrong, we lose sight of the 99 other times things went right. Get this book here.


4. Why Men Love Bitches by Sherry Argov

This was one my most treasured interviews. Sherry took a theory and built it into a world-wide phenomenon. Her book has been translated into over 23 languages and sold well over a million copies. She kept it simple but sassy.. Leaving women to feel empowered to tap into their " Inner Bitch " See our exclusive interview here and get the book here