We Matter by Dr. Sheika Square

We Matter !

by: Dr. Sheika Square


Three days ago, there was a double shooting one block away from my house. Now I don't live in one of the neighborhoods you hear the hottest rappers rapping about. I live in a quiet, economically diverse, middle class neighborhood. Yet two young men were shot and possibly killed a block away from my home.

Unlike the reaction I thought I would have, I became instantly saddened. I wasn't afraid. I wasn't enraged. I didn't think about how fast I could leave. I just became sad.

I looked around for devastated hearts but found none. I hoped for someone to cry out but got no tears. I guess I suffered alone. I guess I suffered in solitude for my people. The people that watched the bodies lie wounded on the ground with their children. The people in the cars that continued on with passengers with perfectly placed smiles on their face. The police people that had side conversations while the victims fought for their lives and the neighborhood kids that walked pass and went about their journey to the park.

I then began to think about a quote I read once, "How do you keep all the anger aimed at Whites when so many Black(s)…turn on their family, each other, themselves?" (Bell, 1992, p. 29) How do we justify our outrage with a system that was built on its prejudices towards Black people, when we only care about our kind when there is a benefit? When are we as a people going to be outraged at every murder; every violent attack; every wrong against our people?

I love the moniker BLACK LIVES MATTER. I just love the thought of mattering to my people more; even when the cameras are not rolling. It is time that we start to value ourselves, within our community. The only way this can be accomplished is if we grow a respect for one another, a respect for ourselves, and a respect for our purpose in this life. It is time that we begin to LIVE ON PURPOSE.




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