50 Shades of Gus Gray

In a matter of weeks I learned dropping the name " Gus Bennett " instantly throws you into a new realm of " Gray ". At a Zulu Ball event with my gal pal Leatrice Dupree every " ting " was perfect and the mood was ultra fun. Walking table to table then sitting down at our own she says in a classy tone sipping on the finest wine, 


" Its time for another shoot with Gus ! " 


I thought to myself... Who thinks about a photoshoot at a time like this ? She was dressed to the 9, having a chill drink and a photo shoot comes up... This Gus guy must be something pretty awesome. Fast forward a few days later at the studio of my gal pal C Freedom. I was in awe looking at her shots of New Orleans so asked what's the ULTIMATE photo she's ever taken. Without thinking twice she points to the one hanging highest on the wall and says,


" I was shooting a model under the bridge and Gus pulls up asking if I needed help. " 


Then I thought... " Now if someone pulls up in the middle of your shoot and you are happy, this must be one cool man with a ' camera plan '  LOL --- Ladies adore his eye and its more than just ladies.... Essence Magazine has proudly called him " Photography Guru " for almost 20 years. All this and he doesn't even use business cards, his work is all generated by word of mouth. His camera has professionally captured every Essence Music Festival. Now thats Photo Snap Snap Power... All in all Gus Bennett has shot just about every Celebrity and shoots them all one way... GRAY.


How he defines his signature method of shoots is refreshing to say the least. Gray is his color of choice because it isn't black or white.. Its gray. It's that one simple yet complex sentence that has women speaking of his work in grocery stores, salons and even Zulu Balls over fine wines. I said all of this to say.. Im going ' #GusGray ' !!


Mr. Bennett wants to use my www.ThaisFlowers.com in an original shoot concept and his treatment alone BLEW ME COMPLETELY AWAY !! Details soon, somebody pinch me, Im going #GusGray !!! ~ Thais`