3 Ways 2 be Trill for Life

After Hurricane Katrina I landed feet first in Houston, Texas. I'd only been here 3 times my entire life and overnight I became a resident. Unlike my small city of New Orleans, La. Houston was wayyyyy bigger but still with a downhome flow. Being a writer I knew there was one music unit I must get INK on >>> UGK.


UGK is to Texas what Cash Money is to Louisiana. The energy of UGK is a force that can't be reckon` with. Hands down. Pimp C had just been released and the city was all a buzz about the awaited album project him and Bun B were set to drop. Pimp C being home sent an electric wave of happiness through the entire 713 / 281 area. His music boomed out every passing car and it's what everyone talked about.


Invited by " Promo Princess " to an album release party for ' The Game ' it was whispered Bun B would be there. Id already interviewed Pimp C but not Bun B. In my interview with Pimp C he spoke so highly of his brotherhood with Bun B I was elated to finally meet him. I respected his style and unwavering aura. Then he was a family man who loved his wife and kids. That was priceless in my eyes. (( I invite you to the HOME page of this site to hear my 45 minute unedited interview with Pimp C recorded in 07` )) ---- back to Bun ------ There he was just chilling so after giving myself a " Pep talk " I walked up and introduced myself...


Like the goofy nerdy girl Iam it came out like this...


" Hello Mister Bun B my name is Thais Mills, Im from New Orleans and I have a new platform called LipServiceInk.com that advocates literacy. I only give bookmarks - can I please give you one ? " 


I wanted to slap myself for not dipping into small talk like big city industry folx... but I figure he was busy. I still laugh about how nervous I was.. my palms were so sweaty. He took the bookmark, read it and held it up for a classic pic. He was very polite and it was refreshing. Just a nice family man there to meet fans and support other music artists. I went home that night feeling like a real Magazine Publisher thanks to Bun B. I even gave him a LipServiceInk.com tee shirt. He's a man of few words but you can tell he cares about supporting others. I did some research to find ( in my opinon ) 3 Trill ways to be UGK 4 life...


1. Buy every UGK album.

Click here to update your collection or just buy a fresh copy.


2. Follow Bun B on Twitter and visit his official website.

To keep any timeline " Trill " follow www.twitter.com/BunBTrillOG then visit his main site www.BunBonline.com


3. Demand more of Professor Bun B at Rice University

In mid 2010 Bun B or " Pro Bernard Freeman " lectured a Course on Religion and Hip-Hop to 250+ lucky students. I think Rice and Buns go great on a plate and on paper. Give Rice a call and simply say...


' More Bun with Rice please. ' 


Stop to read how Rice feels to have Bun B on campus here.


and that concludes my little big list of "

3 Trill ways to be UGK for life "...


I know there's many who have their own 3 ways and I encourage you to be proud about it. The most important factor is to keep the pulse of UGK beating with the knowledge of its history and the excitement of its bright future. RIP to Pimp C and long live Bun B.. Lets all get behind the unstoppable force that is UGK 4 life !!!!


Thanks for the bookmark pic Bun B I support all your projects. 


>>>> Buy Bun B new CD here.