Gumbeaux for Da Soul by Chef Nureka #40

Gumbeaux for Da Soul


Hello everybody! Turkey Day is upon us! I'm so excited as I will be providing a " Taste of New Orleans" to various families in the area. They're in for a Real Treat. These days I just get lost in my pots. But what I wanna share is there is so much POWER in forgiveness . Y'all I placed a phone call to my soon to be ex and told him that I forgave him for it ALL.

Listen as to why that's so crucial...

I really do believe that forgiveness sets us all free. Which is why I went a step further asking his forgiveness for anything I did to hurt him. As I freed myself from the bondage of hate and guilt I felt my wings spreading as I began to soar through dark clouds. My days have been brighter and my load lighter.

I encourage you in whatever your dark cloud looms to simply "let it geaux". I challenge you to free your mind and soar like the eagle you are.


Stay tuned for

"Cocktails & Gumbeaux for Da Soul"

w/ Celebrity Chef NuReka"


Love ya guys!

Your Favorite Chef NuReka

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November 17, 2016