Gumbeaux for Da Soul by Chef Nurkea #41

Gumbeaux for Da Soul


I am so optimistic about LIFE today! As I sit and write today’s column I have my childhood bestie here. She flew in from New Orleans to spend this “moment in time” with me. Yesterday, I met with attorneys to begin the process of legally ending my already dead marriage. I have gathered so much strength from those that look up and support me. Being a native New Orleanian' and surviving Hurricane Katrina has evolved my attitude into a personality of WINNING ! I literally don’t know how to lose.


Which is why I desire to inspire all of you by sharing the most secret pieces of my pains. Through my transparency you will know I am a living walking testimony of what tenacity and the will to survive looks like. For the next 41 columns I will share my hardships, struggles and storms. Also I mental health professionals will be invited to chime in on how to make it all make sense for the greater good.  I will also proudly share what I did to overcome it all and move to the next level. Sp again I welcome every set of eyes here lets all discover how my Gumbeaux for da Soul is comfort food for the mind body & spirit.


From my stove to yours,

Chef NuReka