Why "Curves & Cocktails" is So Important.

On the evening of October 14th Houston's curvy best came together for a great cause. National Curves Day (Oct 12th) now officially celebrates just how cool it is to be full figured. Houston Brand Ambassador, Ta Morrison & Tiffany Holmes ( of Two Curvy Cousins ) came together at DJ SupaStar Academy to bring awareness to issues important to the BBW community.

As I sat home wanting to stab my babysitter with a toothpick for flaking out 2 hours before the event, I scrambled to their Facebook's event page to see just what Curvy Influences sashayed into the space making an impact.  Vendors galore, major bloggers, professional stylists and media all came in full support. If you were like me and missed the event DON'T WORRY. This event will happen once a year on the anniversary of National Curves Day. Click below to support and may the force of Sexy Curves be with us all !!