7 Minutes with Erica Varize

As you absorb this INK Uganda anxiously awaits the arrival of one woman who literally stiches seeds of entrepreneurial energy into young women. "Sew Bayganda Camp" is the movement powered by Erica Varize. Her vivid vision to empower young girls takes the term "sewing a seed" to a new level. I caught up with Mrs Varize days before she left for Uganda and the Orphanage's fund raiser. You'll never look at a needle and thread the same again.

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1. What " Sew Bayganda Camp " is exactly ?

Sew Bayganda Camp is a program that teaches the art of sewing in the BayArea and also to orphans in Uganda. Our nonprofit provides this skill and an education to each child that we connect with. Inspiring children to create and learn without boundaries. We teach portfolio development, pattern making and entrepreneurial skills. 


2. What inspired the exact location you chose to launch #SewingCamp2018 ?

 Since 2013 Sewing Camp has been located in a pop up art gallery setting, each Summer the location changes which stirs creativity, what better way to create than in an artist space. In Aug our camp will take place in Uganda. 


3. How is sewing near and dear to your heart ?

I learned to sew at age (9) by my grandmother. She believed that every woman in our family needed to sew and cook, she is very ol’skool. Since 2005 sewing, building ,and designing has been my financial contribution to my family. I understand that each of us has been given a gift and this happens to be mine and I love it, I appreciate that I was given this one.  I want each child I connect with to know their gift. 


4. Where do you see Sewing Camp in 5 years ?

I started sewing camp in 2005 out of a need in my community, 13 years later we exist because the community still welcomes us and we now have a purpose to serve the children of Uganda. Five years from now my desire is to grow the U.S. camp but also provide a creative space and on going series for Uganda. I want the young girls that I have taught to generate an income for themselves and empower them to become entrepreneurs. 


5. If you could get ANY celebrity as a spokesperson who would they be and why ?

Wow that’s a hard one ... I would have to say Yvonne Oriji I did a fashion show some years ago that she hosted, she was extremely conscious and so thoughtful. That was the first time I showcased my collection in support of BayGanda. 


6. How can we support your Sewing Camp from anywhere in the world ?

Currently we have ongoing fundraising through our website www.bayganda.org and through GoFundMe. 



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