7 Minutes with Tennille Monnette


Tennille Monnette is the one to call when it's time to travel. Celebrities partake in her boutique traveling agency to indulge in exotic places around the world. Not only is she a dedicated wife, encouraging mom and Classy Socialite but she works dayum hard to ensure your passport gets stamped the right way. I caught up with Mrs. Monnette while in New Orleans. As I sat across from her watching her juggle countless calls from clients eager to hop on a planes, trains and everything else... this happen. Read & Enjoy !



What inspires you most ?

I'm an early bird so what inspires me most is the stillness of a new day. In the quiet before the birds start to chirp i can reflect on the day before and give thanks for another opportunity to make a difference.


Do you have a garden at the home, if so what's your favorite flower to watch bloom ?

No garden at home but my favorite flower is the tulip. My husband jokes that it is the hardest flower to order and that's why he sends roses.


Confess to me your favorite book.

My favorite book is The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman. Her character is so real and vivid. She speaks to my soul and leaves wondering if this is truly the story of someone's great grandmother.


 Creating amazing places for people to travel sounds exciting, where is the one place you'd like to wake up for 7 days ?

Traveling exposes us to different cultures and ways of life. My favorite place thus far has been Vieques Island, Puerto Rico. If I could be anywhere I'd love to be there for 7 or more days. The people are so warm and welcoming and the iguanas are friendly as well lol. The only hustle and bustle you'll find there is going from the Atlantic beach side to the Caribbean beach side because the water's calmer over there. Plus there are no fast food restaurants so the food is authentic.



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