7 Minutes with Eddie Vanison


Eddie Vanison made his hometown of New Orleans proud when he starred as, " Memphis Ronnie " on HBO's hit series, TREME which depicted life of locals in our hometown. That was when America fell in sincere love with this actor but I met him long before.

We starred in Lucky Johnson's stage-play and I was humbled to have a scene with Eddie. His professionalism mixed with playful spirit kept the entire cast in stitches andI knew then what the world would know later. Eddie Vanison is a star.

I caught up with the Indie Actor in New Orleans and this happen...


What was "the moment" when the acting bug bit you ?

I would say approximately 5 or 6 years ago. I had the opportunity to watch a close friend of mine (Lucky Johnson) take on roles in movies like Philly the Kid, Planet of the Apes and my favorite, Contraband. It was his success that made me feel that the goal of becoming not a good but great actor was attainable... From that point on I knew I'd keep pushing and never stop trying to get that major role on the big screen.


Outside of the silver screen who inspires you and why ?

My sons Eddie Vanison III and Demonte Vanison. They inspire me to be the best I can be. It may sound cliche but it's the truth.


How has being a father impact your life choices ?

Tremendously!!!! Being a father changed my whole outlook on life. My boys are my personal gift from God. Everything I do affects them so through every decision I keep them in mind.

Thais Mills