7 Minutes with Michael "Mike Swift" Powell

Growing up in rural backwoods of Plaquemine's Parish everyone called him, " Little Michael Junior ". Fast forward to 2016 and he is the leading DJ of New Orleans all while making history as the first African American Public Information Officer / Public Affairs Director of his hometown. I caught up with Mr. Powell at Southern University as we spoke to high school students of Upward Bound for My Passion Breathes Life Foundation. We found a quiet corner for me to pick his brain for 7 minutes and this happen...


DJ Mike Swift of 102.9 FM

DJ Mike Swift of 102.9 FM

When you're home alone what do you listen to ?

At home I listen to anything from EDM artists like Yellow Claw, old school Mos Def and Common, Incubus, Anderson Paak, slum village to Robert Glasper.


What's your favorite color ? Red & Black


How is your Segway from hip hop media to political media going ?

My segway is going great. It all feels natural. I'm comfortable in different environments and the way I was raised prepped me to be able to deal with people from different backgrounds. I enjoy everyday on the job, both careers are extensions of my passions.


What do you miss most about simply being a DJ ?

I don't miss anything about simply being a dj. I will always be a dj, I've been djing since 1997 and its my core passion. I'm still doing radio as a mixshow dj 5 days a week on power 102.9 and Saturday nights on our rock station 106.1 the underground. I love that my day to day life has the nuance between writing press releases and dealing with politicians to doing a live mixshow on the radio by the evening.


How has being a father impacted your life ?

Being a father didn't really affect my job choice that much, it was more of a personal fulfillment changing careers from radio fulltime.


What charities are you close to ?

The charities I love to assist are the MS Foundation, Covenant House, and my foundation I'm trying to get off the ground "the swift kicks for kids foundation"



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