7 Minutes with Dee Dee Cocheta-Williams

The Jackson 5 sang " ABC, Easy as 123 !! " and that's how easy this shero makes the art of Promotions / PR look to the watching world.  


Meet Dee Dee Cocheta-Williams, Founder of ABC Publicity. As you read this INK a lavish productive office sits happy in Atlanta, Georgia with a second in New York. Her next desired locale craving that " PR Smell " is Paris. ( I feel my New Orleans accent coming on  ) 


" You just gotzzzzz to love Dee Dee bay - bay !! "  


I was able to catch up with one of the hardest working ladies in Public Relations. How can a woman with 7 kids that never ages do it ALL ? She's beautiful !! I had to figure it all out and Dee Dee has NO problem filling me in. To say thanks for her precious / powerful INK I'll send gifts from my cozy art store, Enticing Objects to her Atlanta office. Im not the only one sending gifts of love and appreciation either... Everyone wants a piece of Dee Dee.. Lets read why... - thai`





Look its Dee Dee !!! Heyyyyyy lets start the interview shall we.



PR is a intricate biz, how you got started and why ?

I actually started out in Marketing & Promotions.  With a degree in Marketing from Clark Atlanta University, I spent two and half years in Radio.  When I couldn't find another job in radio or entertainment I turned to my part time skills of promotions (I always had my side hustles) and went full time as an entrepreneur starting my business A.B.C. Associates Entertainment Firm  - A Marketing Firm that specialized in the entertainment industry specifically working with music artists in creating their marketing campaigns.  I handled radio, retail and street promotions for artists and indie labels. My added value was writing bio's and creating press kits, writing press releases and pitching media since I had most of the contacts working in radio, so you could say I was already headed in the PR direction.  Once 2001 hit and budgets were cut down along with retail stores closing, I concentrated on consulting, coming up with creative ideas for artists to sustain.  It was during that time, one of my clients contacted me about PR representation; that an artist needed a publicist, it was R&B artist Tony Terry that believed I could assist on his come back album and before I knew it by 2002 about 70% of the business was handling PR and publicity campaigns for artists.


By 2005, I started working with non-profits and small businesses and the I went to a "WE" and added account executives to assist in the growth of A.B.C. We then became A.B.C. Publicity where my motto of supporting indie artists became supporting artists, entrepreneur's & foundations.  So to answer WHY PR? P.R. became a natural flow of my talent and experience God gave me that led me towards public relations.  Also I would say it's because I LOVE talking.  My report cards use to have remarks that I talk too much, well for all those teachers 2nd - 5th grade, look at me now, I get paid to not only TALK, but train and COMMUNICATE for others.


Confess your favorite book !

My favorite book - wow, I have so many books...I am a book worm, I love to read.  For the profession I am in, I love Terrie Williams' "Personal Touch", I believe all Publicists should give it a read or anyone that needs the understanding of human/public relations.  I was referred to this book by a radio personality who after reading it said I naturally had the 'personal touch'.

I love Chinua Achebe's "Things Fall Apart" great African literature and such a moving story.

By my bed side I have my clients' books:  Speech's "What is Success" & Dr. Tiffany Brown's "The Reflections of Light for Daily Living: A Book of Affirmations for the Ambitious" and currently, I am writing my own story, we will see how this turns out ;)


How do you relax ?

SLEEP!  Lol, seriously I read and I meditate.


How can women get along better in business ?  

This question baffles me as well. I was never one to fight with any woman (except for my sister and those days are over :). So I was happy to collaborate, share info or resources with other women in business because when I started out, I had no mentor and was surrounded by men, so I wanted to lend a hand where I could.  I never believe in competition, at the end of the day we all get whatever the Creator provides and divinely has planned for you, so why disturb that groove...Don't play into the crabs in the barrel effect, be an eagle and SOAR! 


Do you have any pets ?  

No, 7 children and grandtwins are enough for me ;)



Favorite color ?





Where do you like to travel and why ?  

I am working on traveling more...for now it's back and forth from Atlanta to our office in New York.  I love NY, I hope to head to Paris and Brazil next for opening offices and PLEASURE!








Whats the one thing you'd like to say to all of your clients ?  

The one thing I would like to say to ALL my clients that I haven't already...hmmmmm, I LOVE YOU GUYS! Guess it's a little personal but as a PR specialist even though we do business with them, we tend to get close to our clients because on one hand that's part of our work to do so yet, we enjoy being around them and they become family to us.



Told ya Dee Dee was awesome.... If you find a grammar error above click below to get a slice of ABC Publicity and enjoy !! twitter.com/ABCPublicity    Facebook.com/ABCPublicity



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