7 Minutes with Billy Sorrells

Billy Sorrells is quickly becoming the one to call for a dirty sexy funny joke. " Shit Black Girls Say " is his well trained YouTube pet going viral online and on land. BET, Ciroc and Foxx Hole are just a few heavy hitting brands taking notice of Sorrells' candid approach to comedy. When he isn't moving major units of merch from his store Billy is touring or creating the next viral sketch or character. He has dozens and Peaches and his Grandpa are my personal favorite ( PEACHES FOR PRESIDENT !! )


I caught up with the " Kasanova of Comedy " in Houston, Texas at Hooters of all places... to discuss how making others laugh is changing his already funny life. To say thanks for his time I'll be sending him a bookmark box full of goodies from cool businesses.


Read & Enjoy my 7 Minutes with Billy Sorrells...




 Who inspires you most and why?

  Making people feel good with my God given gift, whether it’s acting or telling jokes. Encouraging others to enjoy themselves is what inspires me.  We have so many challenges today with the economy, global warming and just self-hate, I just want people to feel better about the blessings and often time entertainment helps that. 


When did you know comedy was for you?

 At a young age I would say around 9, the knack of being in character just became fun to me.  I’ve always had ideas running thru my mind and as I got older I discovered I could do it for a living.  That shocked me!  I was like who would pay me to act for them?  That said, I also found out it should be taken serious as well.


How has modern media influenced your comedy swag?

  A great deal and I’m are so grateful for everyone’s support! I have been preparing for this all my life! I didn’t just



wake up a couple of years ago and decide I want to be a comic, or an actor. I’ve been very active in theater since I was a teenager and all through college. I’ve been doing comedy for years. I’m a self taught editor and I’ve been producing my own videos and short films for quite some time. None of this happened overnight. I wish it did! Maybe I could have gotten more sleep over the past decade!



Is there a certain comedian you’ve been compared to?

Jamie Foxx and I’m okay with that! He’s one of the greats in my book. I respect his work. We connected after I started sending Marcus King and Guy Black my prank calls for their website and for the show. The seed was planted and we decided to go forward and develop my own show, which will be called The Billy Sorrells Show on Foxxhole Sirius Satellite. It’s basically a spin-off of the main show. You have to stay tuned in to foxxhole98.com to get more details.




Where do you enjoy to travel to most and why?

  Where ever laughter is needed.  I just love what I do and where I do it is God’s choice for me to deliver there.





Confess to me your favorite book?

That’s tricky because I have several.  If I had to choose just one it may be 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene second to the Bible.  There are so many lessons in one book kinda like the Bible itself.





Share a secret #ManCode everyone should know.

  Hahahahaha - All of them!  Let’s just say we have an arsenal of new Man Codes just waiting for the right time to release new episodes in the series. Same with Cat Fax.





Have you ever been to Mardi Gras ?

No – I’m not much for uncontrolled crowds.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoy fun as much as anyone but it seems there is always at least one person that want ruin it for the masses.  I feel safer in controlled environment.  Does that make sense?