7 Minutes with Sherry Argov

New York Times bestseller of Why Men Marry Bitches and Why Men Love Bitches and has been featured on The Today Show, The View, MTV, The O'Reilly Factor, MSNBC and Fox News. Her work has appeared in over 50 leading magazines including People, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Glamour, Modern Bride, Maxim, and Esquire. A first-class theater production abroad, her live play has topped Billboard charts for three consecutive years, and received critical acclaim. Sherry's books are currently published throughout the world in over thirty languages.

I caught up with her to ask 5 feisty questions... Check out the INK below !!!


1. What inspired such a strong title and concept, "Why Men Love Bitches" ? I read other relationship books, and few of them felt like they dealt with the reality of what could happen to you in a bad relationship. I thought the title was funny, and of course, satirical. Although men like strong women, they call them "bitches"--when they assert themselves. Women buy into it. Then they cower, doubt themselves, bang their head against the wall, feel guilty...all before just doing what they need to do: stick up for themselves without guilt. Ultimately, that confidence is what attracts men and turns men on.

2. Are you single and if so does being the author of such rough savvy INK make it easier or harder to date ?  I am not single. My better half is very supportive. And he agrees that many women are sending the wrong messages to men: messages of weakness or insecurity that make them easy targets. He will often come home and tell me about a story he heard from another guy. He'll give me the secrets,  undercover, and he'll tell whisper... "Okay, look, this is what you need to tell these bitches..." He's someone I trust and admire. But I do think it would be hard to date if I were single. The title is easy to misunderstand. Men are easily frightened.

3. What book are you reading now? I read books on vitamins & health-related stuff, I read books on business and investments, I read about politics. I am also reading how to lower my cholesterol. I read anything other than relationship books and romance novels or fiction. I don't read magazines like Cosmopolitan, because the messages these magazines give to women disturb me. 

4. How do you relax ? I go buy bullets. (Kidding.) Actually, I recharge best when I am alone.When I'm alone, I play mellow music, light candles, and take a bath, and turn off the phones.  I'll get on the floor, and play with my animals. Its cheaper than therapy, and my animals are smarter thanmost therapists I've met too. If I really need to de-compress, I get a massage. If I'm really stressed out, it can take me 45 minutes to actually relax during the massage. But that is the cure-all for me: a massage.


5. This one book has launched a play and yet more INK in a another book... What to expect next from that potent pen of yours ? I'm mulling it over. I've thought about writing a book helping women be more confident. I've thought about writing a book for women who are depleted by men who are narcissistic.I'm also thinking about running away and joining the circus. The publishing business has prepared me well for the circus, which would seem normal by comparison.


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