7 Minutes with Carlos Wallace

Beyond a shadow of any doubt his story is worth telling. Carlos Wallace is a self made branding machine and his area of savvy happens to be Comedy / Charity. In Houston, Dallas and now even Atlanta you can find the ever so familar Sol-Caritas.com Production delivering handfulls of comedy at neighboring Improv comedy houses.



 To say thanks for his time I painted a custom #Sol piggybank for all the coins coming his way creating such a massive empire. With a man that goes non-stop from 5am to 10pm it was hard to catch up but when I did he had this to say... Read & Enjoy my 7 Minutes with Carlos Wallace.



Who inspires you most and why?


I really can’t think of any ONE person that inspires me but opportunity to fulfill my deepest ambition, which is to make a profound difference in this world. Every day that I am blessed with the gifts of good health and presence of mind, I set forth with a solid purpose; to effect positive change through my words and actions. My existence is guided by a fine-tuned combination of structure, focus and pure passion for everything I do.



Where is your ultimate place to travel?


Israel – I have a trip planned their March 2013, Lord willing.







Confess to me your favorite book?


The Bible but my favorite man written is




How do you relax?


Read, study and or watch hours of Judge Judy.




Why was creating Sol-Caritas so essential to the community?


It was time.  Our dedication to charity guides our purpose. The love of laughter inspires our vision. The generous support of our supporters, friends and fans along with the finest businesses in Houston and throughout America helps drive our mission.





What excites you most about the industry of comedy?


The constant evolution and how it changes the lives of those in need. Comedy is more than a joke or punch line, it’s the prescription for laughter and that’s God’s medicine for the soul.





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