7 Minutes with Kourtney Heart

Hailing from New Orleans with style like no other, Kourtney Heart makes you fall in love with more than a last name. Her angel-like voice criss crosses with a refreshing personality and you want to hear more K. Heart. At only 16yrs old I was limited on what to ask her but I didn't hold back. She's one tough cookie and you can tell that family completes her brand. I was proud to say we came from New Orleans. Kourtney Heart is on her way.


On a rainy afternoon I picked up the phone and made a sweet short call that ran longer than a " Flo Jo " track meet. I was so fascinated to hear how much she knew about music. Wrapped inside a side of " GirlTalk " I pulled out 16 questions.. 1 for each of the years she's been here...


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1. Kourtney Heart sounds sooo cute.. Is that your real name ?


Yes its my real name but my last name is "Hart"




2. You're 16 in such a harsh industry.. How do you handle the pressure ?


I just keep a leveled head .... its not as hard as it sounds but you have to stay focused at all times and keep God first.




3. Is it hard representing New Orleans with the media hype from Katrina ?


That just makes it more interesting for me ... because im also a teen actavist and im working with rebuilding the greater new orleans so its not hard its more of a comfortable feeling knowing that all this is going on and its still positive.





4. Are you dating anyone... Can you even date at 16 you lil " tween " ?


Aaahhhh ! i figured this question would come up lol but no i am currently single and yes im able to date ... my parents always get a little nervous when i talk about boys ha ha!!



 5. You have a close family connection... Is it weird having your parents watch you perform ?


My family is very big and very loving its a blessing to have so many people who really care and love you , and i wouldnt call the feeling weird, it was kind of a curious feeling like i wonder what shes going to think because her "babygirl" isnt on that stage someone else comes out of me ha ha, so it was interesting to see that and shes become more natural towards me and my performances.





6. Im sending you art please tell me your favorite color ?


I looooooovveeee yellow! and i also am a huge fan of the color green .. My room is a neon yellow , green, and orange ha ha !!








7. We only promote with bookmarks so what are you reading now ?


I love to read Thai ! Raj is also a huge book groupie, he loves reading about what he does, just to get more knowledge. He buys me books on singing and writting so Im sooo up on my game with that !!




8. Whats your ultimate item right now thats a MUST HAVE ?


My cell phone ! i need my cell phone .. oooh it has everything on there that I need twitter, facebook, gmail, and a notebook whenever I feel a good lyric coming on... I also need my diary... Im planning on having a movie or a book after me lol..




9. Raj Smov is your manager / producer how does he mold your skill ?


Just by looking at Raj and how hungry, focused and determined he is keeps me leveled ... Even when we disagree its all good. We grow and learn together so Raj has helped me to stay forever hungry.





10. Confess the wildest story from being on stage ?


hmmmm??..lol I would have to say at the H.O.B. !! I'd just gave a live show that still to this day I look back on and cant believe. The show had so much energy and it was amazing Thai !!! I think it was the black hair thing ..lol I'd just died my hair and felt like a completely different person for real !!!








11. Who's your # 1 best friend and why ?


Thats an extremely hard question , I have two. A guy named Al Andry and a lovely female named Jaimie Amos.. I love them so much from the bottom of my last name. 8-)  They are truly a blessing from God. I thank them for staying true to themselves and staying real with me at all times... I couldnt ask for more with them.