7 Minutes with Mark H Samuels

Think of New Orleans and you can't escape the potency of unique sound. That intense King Cake bass mixed with Mardi Gras treble. When you pop in a Kermit Ruffins CD and jam out over fresh po`boys ever wonder... Who's behind all this Crescent City music ? Flip through pages of Irvin Mayfield's down-home book and it hits you from another angle... Who published such a cool set of INK ? Its this man, Mark H. Samuels. Read & Enjoy! - thai`





Who inspires you most and why ? 

Wynton Marsalis has been a big inspiration for a long time. Since playing in Ben Franklin High School's band with him where he shined and we became friends, to following his career and his work ethic, he is one of the reasons that I do what I do today and why I work hard at it.  My wife also inspires me. She's an incredibly smart trial attorney who helps the people who need help. 





If you could show us one place on Basin St. WHAT would it be ? 

The Krauss building at Canal and Basin. It used to be a tremendous independent department store. Hugo Kahn was the President of Krauss. He moved to New Orleans about the same time as my family. He's another great guy. He also happened to be a fraternity brother of my dad in college, and they coincidentally moved to New Orleans at the same time in the late 60's.





How do you relax ? 

Since being in the music business, I relax by "working." I love going out and seeing Kermit or Rebirth or Jeremy or ANY of our artists...And now, I also get a kick playing with our 2 year old son, since my other kids are almost all out of the house.  I also thoroughly enjoy just hanging out quietly with my wife after the baby is asleep and watching a movie.





Confess to me your favorite book ? 

Irvin Mayfield's A Love Letter to New Orleans. It's a book with a CD included, and it's our first foray into book publishing.  












What CD do you jam loud when you're alone ?

Sting, Dream of the Blue Turtles. When it came out I played it 3 times a day every day for a month while backpacking in Europe. Sting, Branford Marsalis & Kenny Kirkland. Wow!






Tell me one thing no one knows about you ?

 I rarely listen to music while driving.





Whats next for Basin St Records ?

New CDs by Theresa Anderson, Jeremy Davenport, and our newest artist, Davell Crawford. Can't wait !




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