7 Minutes with Cameron Russell

When beauty and brains collide its an amazing experience to be a part of. Cameron Russell is walking proof that Victoria Secret isn't really a secret at all. A college educated, business launching young lady can also say she wore wings of an angel, A Victoria's Secret Angel that is. I caught up with " Miz Cam Cam " to talk on what drives her and what pumps her brakes in today's trying times... oh yeah and we chew the New Orleans fat on my favorite... BOOKS !! ~ Thais`




Who inspires you and why ?


Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is the current finance minister of Nigeria. She is a powerful brilliant woman and many of her solutions to very difficult and corrupt situations have been not only clever but functional. Tibor Kalman and in particular his work on the first 13 issues of Colors Magazine. He provides a fantastic example of how to use mass media to ignite serious discussion. So much thoughtful media is relegated to the sidelines, deemed to niche for the "masses" which is a shame. Most recently the five women we photographed for our first issue of Interrupt Mag: Christine Lewis of Domestic Workers United, Courtney Martin writer & co founder of feministing, Marisa Jahn founder of rev-, Lori Lobenstine founder of DS4SI and Female Sneaker Feind, and Spectra Asala of Queer Woman of Color Media Wire and Spectra Speaks. They all make media for an audience of collaborators. That is inspiring. 


Confess to me your favorite books !


I love to read! I'm a nerd. Currently working on Rebecca Walker's Black Cool and David Sanger's Confront and Conceal





How did you get into modeling ?


I was scouted, check out my video here at TEDx talk





Tell me all about " The Big Bad Lab "


I founded the lab with a group of women to build platforms that expand and experiment with new spaces of power. For more visit www.TheBigBadLab.com


Whats your favorite color.


Green mostly, but sometimes I like to wear purple (when I'm not wearing black). 






Are you single and how does love enhance you as a business woman ?


I have a wonderful boyfriend. I think significant others provide an important role in being able to tell you the truth when others might not say it. (Telling you when your ideas are good....and bad!) And, when you've had a bad day at work you get to come home to someone who loves you no matter what.