7 Minutes with Omar Tyree

He's the Best-Selling author who's captivated us all with over 18 kick ass books thats sure to satisfy any pair of eyes. I fell in love with Omar's INK in college down in New Orleans and been loyal ever since. In the midst of working on a brand new page turner - Corrupted, a serial ebook " he found time to entertain my sincere curiosity. His fingers moved just for me because he had to answer my questions... No one can take that away... lol !!! On the serious side - leaving my inner groupie ( we all have one ) out of this, my core is humbled to share just how amazing of man Omar is. Real down to earth which is what I didn't expect.  Despite the fact he's so handsome it should be a sin, Mister Tyree is a smart, cultivated brother who isn't afraid to say whats on his mind. His outspoken persona is refreshing. This is why Im honored, humbled and happier than a kitten at a fish fry to present .... 7 minutes with Omar Tyree...




Read & Enjoy, Thai`







1. Who inspires you most and why ?

As a Philadelphia native we are ALWAYS inspired by the people and community that surround us. That's just how Philadelphians are. So my inspiration comes straight from the readers.



2. When did you know it was time to be an Author ?

My sophomore year of college at the University of Pittsburgh. In my freshman year I was already a standout in writing, so in my sophomore I decided to go all the way with it.





3. Why do you lean towards more Urban Fiction pieces ?

Again, I'm from Philadelphia, and that's where my people are, in the big urban American cities. We're in Chicago, New York, DC, Atlanta, Detroit, Baltimore, Houston, St. Louis, so that's where I chose to write most of my books about my people.





4. How do you relax ?

I love sports, movies, reading and family. That's all relaxing to me. So that's what I do.




5. What makes any woman beautiful ?

Skin, voice, smile, conversation, spirit, glow, color, outfits, hair, heart, scent, curves; I mean, a million things can make a woman beautiful.





6. What's your favorite color ?

When I was a kid, I was a fiery red. But then I tried to become a cool blue. But the goal is to become a royal purple.





7. Do you have any pets. What are their names ?

I don't do pets. I let animals roam free in the wilderness. I'm too busy concerned with humans.





8. Confess to me your favorite book and why ?

My favorite book of all time id Octavia Butler's "Wild Seed" a supernatural story about power, family and love. It's an awesome read. And my favorite book that I've written in "Just Say No!" because it goes deep into the mentality of art, society and manhood.





9. If you could evolve any book of yours into a movie -- which one would it be and who would play the characters ?

"Leslie" my story of New Orleans ha ALWAYS been the first book that I wanted to produce as a film. And the book is the only one that I named directly after the character. That tells you right there how strong of a case study she is. So make sure that you finally read it. A lot of people slept on that one.





10. How are today's Urban Fiction Authors living up to the title and who impresses you most ?

I'm actually working on writing a book right now called "The Legends of Urban Street Lit" where I interview 12-15 top so-called "street lit" writers. And they have all have impressed me with their ability to get in and create a living through writing books. Period! It's a hard thing to be able to do.





11. What turns you on ?

Passionate living and ideas turn me on. Optimism that we can go out there and get it and succeed is a turn on. Success is the ultimate turn-on. I once wrote an addictive poem about success in my freshman year of college when I was first turned on to writing.





12. Are you single ... how to capture the attention of the one and only Omar Tyree... ?

All you have to do is ask for my attention and you got it. I'm not hard to get to at all. Check me out OmarTyree.com -
 But when you support my work, and read more than just "Flyy Girl," that's when you really get my attention. Straight up. I have ongoing career to maintain with 19 published books on the market, and a new serial ebook called CORRUPTED that I'm loving right now!





13. BONUS QUESTION: How you get so dayum fly ?

Being fly is actually in the eye of the beholder. I would think that I'm fly because I'm always ready to innovate something new for the people. And they may not always follow. But my effort to be flyy by being new and different is always there.





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