7 Minutes with Perle Noire

You can't say Josephine Baker without saying Perle Noir. The world of Burlesque chants her name as she dances all the way to the top. Residing in New Orleans you can find Perle in all top Burlesque productions around the globe. She's performed for Dita Von Teese and more. Meeting Perle was like something out of fun sitcom. It was a late Saturday night and I was eager to attend a swanky club on St. Charles for their Salsa Night. Once inside it was a rush of energy, everyone looked great. I soaked up the scene then found the Ladies room to freshen up.


The line was long but it made for good conversation with other girl club goers. Who walks out the stall but Perle. We said hello, I gave her a bookmark and we chewed the fat a bit. Literally there at the club we had a ' Meeting in the Ladies Room ' & yes we washed our hands !!!!! LOL.... 


 enjoy my 7 minutes with Perle Noir !! Read & Enjoy. - thai`






Who inspires you most and why ?

The person who has inspired me most is Josephine Baker. I fell in love with her because she was the under dog. She was cast aside by her parents and society. Despite growing up poor and black she decided to create her own path instead of the one chosen for her. She reminds me of myself. I'm the underdog. Most of my life I was poor and picked on. I never fit in with the other kids. However, I always had a desire and passion to perform. The stage is the only thing that's never let me down. Josephine Baker's story reminded me of the Ugly Duckling. I saw a woman who went threw the same abuse that I went threw but she decided to strive in opposition. That's why I love her. Of course, the beautiful costumes and ground breaking performances caught my attention as well.


When did you know Burlesque was for you ?

In 2003, I auditioned for a Burlesque show called " Backstage at the Fonky Burlesque". It was a Burlesque musical featuring classic strip tease, ballet, rock music and of course drama. I auditioned because I was a full time actress and singer at the time plus I knew this was a way to perform a tribute to Josephine Baker. I traveled with this show for three years. I performed in New York and Montreal. It was amazing! After performing in this amazing show I knew Burlesque was right for me. Burlesque involves everything that I love about the Theater. Burlesque features singing, dancing, comedy, story telling and glamor. I feel like Burlesque chose me.

 What do you love most about New Orleans ?

Like myself, New Orleans is misunderstood. It's an under dog. People only see the poverty, bourbon street and the super dome. It's so much more. New Orleans has great schools, people, architecture and history. That's why I love NOLA.







Meeting in the Ladies Room quick pic !!!





Confess to me your favorite book and why ?

My favorite book is " Push". I love that book. I was picked on everyday in school. I was called ugly and poor everyday for 6 years of my life. The only thing that kept me alive was my brother and the stage. My teacher gave me this book. I was probably too young to read it but it gave me hope. I didnt' feel like an alien or some hopeless failure. I knew I had to keep pushing threw.








How was it performing for Dita Von Teese ?

AMAZING!!!! It still blows my mind. She can pick anyone and she picked me. Dita has taught me a lot and she has given me great advice. I hope to continue to impress her and myself.



Where do you see yourself in 2020 ?

I see myself living in Paris drinking champagne every night. I really want to live and perform in Paris. My goal in life is to have a revue dedicated to La Baker. I know if I keep saying it the universe will hear me and make my dream come true.




How do you relax ?

With champagne, chips and potatoes. I also love to watch The Wiz, Mommie Dearest and The Five Heartbeats.







When you're not performing where are you ? 

When I'm home I usually stay in. When I'm not working I'm working on working again.



Are you single and is it hard being a top Burlesque dancer in a relationship ?

I have been single for 7 years. Men don't ask me out and I'm too shy to ask them. The few men who told me they liked me informed me that I'm a little intimidated because I'm a lady. The also said the didn't ask me out because I'm always on the road. Like Flash from the Heartbeats said " It's lonely at the top".