7 Minutes with Jules Nobles

Actress Jules Nobles is who her name says she is... a jewel. Currently residing in Atlanta you can find Jules in everything from independent films to commercial projects. Her eyes alone will leave you floored. While facebook flipping one night I came across a film with her in it and within 34 seconds I could feel the star power pulsate through the screen. After thats it's "herstory"... Enjoy my 7 Minutes with Jules Nobles!




Who inspires you most and why?

Inspiration comes from so many sources for me. Primarily, I would
refer to my nuclear family--my mother, father, and two sisters. They
are the driving force in my life! They have a very unique way of being
inspiration in times of joy and despair in my life. As I stated, it
comes from a lot of places. I can name anyone from Michael Jackson,
perservered tragedy and triumph, to Lena Horne, who never let barriers
inhibit her progress. I can name each of my high school English
teachers, who impressed a certain standard of education on me while
there. Those are the kinds of inspiration lasts a lifetime.



Is being an emerging actress in Atlanta benefical to your career ?

Being in Atlanta has done exactly what I wanted it to for my interest
in acting. It has given me a platform to learn as much as i can and
get as much experience as I can. I say it is the best place to get
started with little to no experience. There is so much networking here
and avenues to meet other aspiring actors, producers, and directors.






What projects have you been in that have moved you the most and why ?

I am still waiting to be in THAT particular project. I cannot say, at
this early point in my career, that I have been in one that has had
that type of effect on me as of yet. I had many other feelings about
them, but not moving as one. Now, let me portray a stronger character,
like Phyllis Hyman or Mary Wells, and maybe I would be able to say
that having that intimacy with a person who I know lived, breathed,
and suffered on their journey to greatness, and i would be greatly
moved. Although, my experience would need much more substance than
what I have at this point. I am working toward something like that



Is it easier being single or in a relationship in the industry ?

That is a matter of perspective. It is definitely depending on who you
ask, what their past experience is and how it affected their views,
and what their intent is. I could be in a relationship or not. I rely
on the understanding and communication factors to alleviate the extra.
I mean, two adults using those two factors, it should be a workable



How do you relax ?

I absolutely LOVE to travel! I want to see so many places. I can relax
on any beach, anywhere! On the contrary, I can be relaxed on my couch
while watching one of my favorite movies. I have to say that, when I
am cooking, I am quite relaxed then as well. I love it.



Confess to me your favorite book and why ?

My favorite book is the Bible. It is the best guide through life. It
has never failed in my life. The Bible has been an uncomparable
blueprint for elements like love, faith, fear, judgement, forgiveness,
joy, and repentence for me.




Whats your favorite color ?

I love green. I think it reminds me of life. I actually can find
pleasantries in all colors, but green is outstanding to me.




On set with Director, Brian



Where do you desire to travel to most ?

Oh I could go on and on. Lol. I want to see EVERYTHING! I can list a
few places. I want to travel to Rio De Janeiro, London, Italy, Key
West, Canada, and Hawaii.



In 5 years what to expect from Jules Nobles ?

In five years, I will have completed my Masters Degree. That is
certainly a priority. By then, I will have grasped much more
experience in acting to have a particular level of confidence. I will
still be mentoring, volunteering, and enjoying this journey. I will
still be the same positive force that I am today. I will still be
Jules Nobles. Get to know me!



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