7 Minutes with Dameion Henry

Walking through the halls of Marion Abramson Senior High in the 90's I'd see a guy who demanded attention. Handsome but humble, nice but street savvy. Have one conversation with him and you can't forget what he's told you. Everyone knew him by only one name... " Spook ". Always wearing something new drawing people close to him. Such a raw energy to have at such a young age. That energy has followed him throughout the years and now he's creator of " Connected & Respected " Clothing. This one man operation has quickly went viral and now everyone from TMZ to Pablo Escobar's son is a buzz about " Connected & Respected ".


Im so proud of Spook. Doing it on his own and as best he can. Its working well. Spook's celebrity friends are wearing his simple yet complex clothing designs. I caught up with him in our hometown of New Orleans to ask a few questions and he answered with grace and groove style. It was a great 7 minutes to catch up with a man who could very well be sitting on the next " FUBU " boom. Had to take a moment for my old high school buddy...


Read & Enjoy. - thai`






How did you get the name " Spook " ? 


My Auntie Name me Spook due to when I was Born she said I had no skin Color & I looked like Casper the Friendly (Ghost) My Auntie Name is (Jackie Anderson)







You have 300+ tattoos, how does your family feel about your skin " INK " ?


I got my first tattoo with some indian ink when I was 12. I was like my mother & Father going to Kill me. I hid them until I was 16 on my hands. My mother really don't like all the tattoos. She's not a fan. I told mom's it's my lifestyle as Will Smith say Parents just don't understand.





Pablo Escobar's son ( left ) rocking " Connected & Respected "






Confess to me your favorite book.


My favortie book is 48 Laws Of Power ( It's a good read show you how to use power & not abuse it )






Who would you want to see rock " Connected & Respected " ?


I would like to see the world wearing Connected & Respected Clothing, I would love to See President Obama in one.







Will " Conected & Respected " cater to plus size ? 


My clothing it's a Lifestyle we will cater to all Sizes & Genres.







Who inspires you most ? 


Freeway Ricky Ross inspires me, he's one of my mentors.  Everyone has a past & to come out of jail inspiring youth to get an education & stay in school is whats real. He have a work ethic that's relentless he might be up now - work work work work work..












Are you single and does being in a relationship help or hurt the hustle ? 



Yes I'm single, it's a Catch 22 !! Yes @ times I be like I'm by myself pursuing this dream & you know realtionships require time but all my time go into my vision so I guess you can say I'm deciated to my passion C&R clothing.










In your eyes how is the city of New Orleans rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina ?


I see no rebuilding, it's not even a hospital out here someone have to come look over this where's the money going..








How do you relax ?


For relaxtion I used to play basketball in college so of course basketball & listening to good music.






Where's the one place you'd love to travel ? 


The one place I would love to travel would be Rome. All the great kings & people we still talk about today were from Rome. The thinkers, philosophers, teachers, warriors..  It's a must I get to Rome to see the landmarks of greats.