7 Minutes with Relmane Baptiste

Like Mark Zuckerberg drummed up Facebook in his college dormroom the same scenario materialized for this dot commer.  Founder of Thick Females Are Beautiful is living larger than life in the mist humble manner. His aura is sincere and you can feel his drive towards the plight of bringing Full Figured Women into the forfront the " right way ". Its refreshing to say the least. Web surfing one day I came across a fan page that made me feel a wee bit more sassy there at my desk. It was Relmane's web creation and I was impressed. I had to pick his brain and here we are.... I give you 7 Minutes with Relmane " Tfab " Baptiste.





Who inspires you and why ?

 My parents. They motivate not to settle anything and to try my best at anything that I partake in.



What drove you to create Thick Females Are Beautiful ?

I created Thick Females are Beautiful because I was tired of seeing people turning random and silly sayings into pages. So I wanted to create a page that stood for something positive and that would attract a large group of people. 





How can the Plus Size community be given more positive attention in media?

It all start with a simple ideas such as mine. Then eventually branch out to different medias such as calendars, websites etc... while keeping a positive attitude and atmosphere. I believe it will leaves the media with no options but to respect the plus size community.



Are you single and does love help or hurt a man in business ?

I am currently single. It all depends. I don't think love hurts a man in business if your mate believes in your goal. If you know when it's time for business and when it's time to take time off from all the work to cater your woman then I don't think it will hurt anything. If not, it may bring your relationship and or business to a downfall.



How do you relax?
When I'm not too busy with school or too tired from work I relax by listening to music. Preferable R&B, Neo soul, kompa and Zouk Love...





How old are you ?
I'm 22 years old.



Where were you when you thought up TFAB?
I was in my college dorm.



Where do you see TFAB in 10 years?
I would like TFAB to one of the most well knownprofit organization in the plus size community.