7 Minutes with Sherri Shepperd

Get a slice of Sherri Shepherd's PIE !! You see her every day on " The View ",  and every week on the Lifetime Original series " Sherri ".  Based on her own life, The Sherri Show was the most watched and highest rated original comedy series premiere on Lifetime in over 10 years. She's " Cornrows " on the Oscar bound movie " Precious " and if she still looks familar its because she's also on the hit, " 30 Rock "Seems like every show Sherri's on gets Emmys! Aside from her fun book " Permission Slips ", the appearance on one of Larry King's last shows on CNN - Sherri is still one of the girls.


I love the personal connection Sherri maintains with fans. Its as if she's hosting a cozy party and everybody kicks back.  



I thought of questions I'd never heard anyone ask her then figured I'd give it a shot.. Worst thing she could do was laugh at my INK... That never happen. My questions begin to pour out and like a pro she picked it up and ran with my answers... Read & Enjoy.




How does both Jeffery's ( your ex husband & son ) feel about your sitcom " Sherri ".. I mean its your real life for the world to see ?


Jeffrey's 5 years old so he isn't aware...& I NEVER show his pic. As for my ex... HE HAS NEVER MENTIONED IT... DIFFICULT FOR HIM THAT HIS LIFE IS ON DISPLAY.





All women have endured being cheated on but how you handled your Ex husband's mishap is exceptional.. You are a true survivor.. Confess your anthem.


Gloria Gaynor's song "I will survive" is my anthem !




Playing yourself can be tricky. How do you relax before you rock out on the set of SHERRI ?


Regular Sherri is pretty boring :O) I relax by listening to @malcolmjamalwar 's spoken word CD... then prayer with my cast.







I have to say it's refreshing to meet a star with humanity and not vanity.


Awww thanks girl... there's a chapter in Deut 8... which talks about what happens when you remember it's God who gave you the power to get wealth... and what happens when you forget that it was God... uplifting and scary at the same time. God gave it to me... where I am weak HE is strong... so yeah it keeps me humble, cuz' it ain't about you or me is it?





You right mama... Wow, that's ocean water deep. I know you're busy but thanks so much I'll never forget ya INK.. Stay in touch !!


Will do !! It's 3:22 a.m. Jeffrey just woke up and is calling "Mama"... that's my signal. Thanks for the interview questions & funny Retweets. God Bless!






And like that it was over. They say you never forget where you were when something or someone magical happens. So I'll always remember I was in Denton, Texas at the Marriott Courtyard's business center late one morning and was lucky enough to talk to Sherri !

Catch Sherri on ABC's " The View " ,  Lifetime's " Sherri " and go out and buy " Permission Slips " her book thats hotter than crawfish tails !