7 Minutes with Tia Norfleet

Behold Tia Norfleet, the first African American female licensed in the intense brand of Nascar. Its so cool you just gotta say again...Behold Tia Norfleet, the first African American female licensed in the intense brand of Nascar.  Who know how it must feel to break so many timeless barriers in just one fast race. AMAZING. Offspring of Bobby Norfleet, Ms. Norfleet is determined to speed her way into the hearts of millions one race at a time. I caught up with to pick her brain and her answers may surprise you. Read & Enjoy my 7 Minutes with Tia Norfleet.



Who inspires you and why ?



I am inspired by so many different people. Family members, I always keep in mind where my family has come from. I look at the sacrifices that my father has made to get me here. This has not and is not an easy road to take for any driver in this sport, but when fans show support, it inspires me. When my little sister looks at me, I know that I must do my best to be able to look at her back and say that you can do anything. A lot of people are depending on me so I believe in the concept that “to much is given much is required”. President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama Inspire me because they have and is still going through some of the same challenges that I am going through being a first.






How does it feel being the first African-American female driver to be licensed by NASCAR ?



People ask me that all of the time and to be honest it feels good to be a race car driver doing something I truly love doing and I love being an African American and I love being a woman. I just happen to be all of them at once. I really don’t think about it the way that everybody else does. I was born black and born female. This is who I am, I’ve been doing this all of my life its normal to me. Racing is in my blood. I just feel blessed to be here. I feel like I belong on the track.








Before the racing, who taught you how to drive your first car ?



My Dad, Bobby Norfleet, he would let me drive his car around the neighborhood.









When did you know racing was for you ?



By the time I was 9 years of age, I think I knew then that this is what I wanted to do.









How do you relax after a race ?



I just listen to good music and relax in some Silk 34 bubble bath. You should buy some it’s the best on the market.








Are men intimidated by your profession ?



No, They are not intimidated by me or my profession. In fact, they seem to like the idea of it all.







What song would you love to blast as you race ?



It would have to be either “I Put on For My City” by Young Jeezy, “Diva” by Beyonce or “Lose Yourself” by Eminem








What is your favorite color ? Purple








Confess to me your favorite book and why ?



My favorite book is “Mama Dearest” By E. Lynn Harris. Mr. Harris is one of the best Authors around his imagery is spell bounding. I can identify with some of the things that the character is going through. She has haters, competition, ambitions, goals she is talented and has to deal with never ending drama. In this story there is always something going on. It’s simply a good read.