7 Minutes with Michael Colyar

" Start stomping and clapping, start STOMPING AND CLAPPPING !!!! " Sheryl Underwood demanded a direct action from crowds already in agreeance - There in my hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana at the exact same arena I graduated from. This platform was now minutes away from showcasing some of the best comedians.


Listening to her introduce Michael Colyar was like one of the coolest short stories ever for a comedian. He'd done so much within such a vast industry we call COMEDY. From voice work for global animations to videos of Hip Hop greats. I looked around to see people just as impressed as I was. We were gearing up to behold a legend take the stage.


He burst onto the stage like a familar friend. Like that cool uncle you pateintly await to see at the family dinner. Always just a tad flier than your parents. It was " Uncle Mike ". His jokes were classic and refreshing all at the same time. Forcing you to think before you laugh then switching it up and making you laugh then think. How he connected with everyone there with just one mic is still something you must witness yourself. I guess thats what over 30 years of doing standing up can do.





Thanks to the best little sister ever for being my " Plus 1"  love ya Alyse.




His style of dress makes you think you're looking at the founding member of " The Brat Pack ". Setting a tone of professionality and smooth vibes of suave. I encourage everyone to be on the lookout for Michael Colyar to hit your town. Its worth the ticket. I actually saved mine and will be putting it in a scrapbook with some of the most valued pictures. Bookmark pics I popped with Mr. Mike and his lovely wife of 23+ years Brooke Colyar - They are such an amazing couple to see in person. They define love at first glance. What any couple would aspire tobe more like. In such a peaceful space of acceptance and kindness.



I'll never forget May 28th 2011 at about 11:20pm when I met an Icon, Michael Colyar.






 Myself in true fan mode w/ the power couple of Comedy,

Mrs. Brooke &  Michael Colyar


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