7 Minutes with Stan Jones

Stan Jones keeps heads turning in pews and its all for the greater good. Sitting pretty as his second Grammy nomination rolls in he was excited to kick back and answer my wacky corny INK. Stan is a Gospel music producer and his rise to fame is a story worth telling...   


Read  Enjoy !! - thai`


1. After creating your first track how did you feel ?

I felt like I was on top of the world! (LoL)-- I made copies of it and played it in the car and for everyone I came in contact with... lol


2. How do you relax ?

I buy dvds a lot, So I love to watch movies a lot at home with a bowl of Dry Frosted Flakes...

3. What's your favorite color

I love the color Blue..

4. The Grammy Nom is huge are you nervous to be ranked with such great people ?

This is actually my second Nom- and it is huge for me.. Its an honor for the project -The Williams Brothers ("The Journey Continues") to be nominated for the most prestigious award in music.

5. Do you have any pets ?

Not as of now.. When I was younger I had a dog that was my best friend.. My Dad named her "Tramp"... lol


6. Are you single ?

Yes I am


7. Being in the gospel industry is it harder or easier to date ?

It is somewhat harder.. The bible teaches how can two walk together accept they agree?... So u have to have someone that lines up with the divine calling on your life ..

8. If you win the grammy what's the first thing you'll do after the show ?

Call my Mom and Dad!!! lol

9. Being a producer will you always work with just Gospel ?

Definitely not.. I know this is a touchy subject but I know the gift that was given to me is limitless.. I can't wait to see what is all in store during my life's journey.

OFF THE WALL questions inspired by MJ

10. How do you know when you are in love... ?

When you feel that being separated from that person is the worst thing that could possibly happen!! Or-- when you see them and you are pushing your jaws down trying to avoid smiling when you're supposed to be mad! lol


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