7 Minutes with Loren Ridinger

Her resume reads off like an intense  Who's Who list... Google her name and you're forced to peel through countless celebrity " cheek to cheek " pics in hopes to find a solo shot. The world craves all of Loren Ridinger - from her

awesome brain to the never ending fame. One half of Market America - Loren is a pioneer of Internet retail marketing.



Senior Vice President of internet retailing giant marketamerica.com, creator of the award winning cosmetic line, Motives® by Loren Ridinger, creator of the uber-luxurious skincare line, Cellular Laboratories®, and designer of the exquisite jewelry collection, Loren Jewels®, worn by Hollywood's elite, including Alicia Keys, Eva Longoria Parker, Jennifer Lopez, Joel Madden, Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Paulina Rubio, Marc Anthony, Swizz Beatz and more.










Everything she does in business surpasses competitors. Its amazing to witness such success oozing from a woman so humble and down to earth. Follow her just one day on Twitter and its as if you're chatting with the girl next door. Needless t say when I was granted an interview my fingers scrambled to find what i can ask the women who has everything and been interviewed / reviewed in every media outlet that makes sense. 


She has been named as Vogue Magazine's Top 100 Influential Women, selected by Haute Living as one of New York's and Miami's most influential residents, winner of the 2009 Women of Substance and Style award, and named Woman Extraordinaire and Top 50 Entrepreneur by Business Leader magazine. Loren has transcribed her style and fashion expertise to her personal blog, MyFashionCents.com, which also won the DivineCaroline.com 2009 Love! This Site award for style.


Loren was sweeter than a Mardi Gras King cake... her positive energy is infectious and Im honored to present our interview... Lean back for a slice of Loren Ridinger... - thai`


Hey look its Loren with her bestie Kim Kardashian !!!





What inspired you to create Market America ?


My husband and I created Market America because we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to have financial freedom and revolutionize online shopping. 




Confess your favorite book and why ?


My favorite book is “If I get to 5” by Fred Epstein.  It’s a book about what children can teach us about courage and character. Epstein, a pediatric neurosurgeon at New York City's Beth Israel Hospital, has written an inspiring book recounting the struggles of not only his patients, but himself as well. After a long career treating patients for brain injuries and cancer, Epstein recently had a near-fatal bicycle accident that turned the tables on him. Suddenly, the expert surgeon found himself on the receiving end of a scalpel. While the book touches upon his own challenges during the slow recovery and rehabilitation process, Epstein draws more upon the examples of his young patients to successfully banish fear from his life. He candidly examines the lives of not only those patients who have made brilliant recoveries under his care, but also the children who weren't so lucky.  

I think this book shows you that as kids we dare to dream but as we get older we forget to dream.  People need to believe in themselves and believe in themselves. 




 I adore these earrings from Loren's Jewels !




When is the perfect time for reading in the day of Loren ?


At 2am when I stop working and everyone else is sleeping. I personally don’t like to read fiction stories I am more engaged to non-fiction books and biographies. 




How cool is it working with your hubby ? (( heyyy Mister James !!! ))


I love it and think it’s great!  For some people is hard, but for us it’s really easy, we are great partners and amazing friends.  He is a left brain and I am right brain we definitely complement each other. 




Where is the one place you've never been and want to Geaux ?


I’ve had a strong desire to go to India.  I think their culture is one of the most beautiful and culture in the world. 





You inspire so many women in business what do you say to the brand new business owner ?


Don’t let any one get in your way, don’t associate yourself around people with negative energy instead find mentor and find those who motivate you.  Always dream big!




Do you have any pets... what are their names ?


I don’t have a pet, but my daughter has an English Bulldog name Lola and my husband has two cats Monet and Marshmallow. 




Whats your fondest New Orleans memory ?


I’ve never been to New Orleans, but I will be there to visit you. 






Favorite color ?






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