7 Minutes with The Fat Boys

Say you don't know The Fat Boys and I invite you to log out now. Log out and NEVER come back !! lol... Well no one is loggin out b'cuz we ALL know who The Fat Boys are !!! They're the first group of male rap artists who made it cool to be thick, slick and all that sheet !!! From creative movie deals, branding opps and of course the MUSIC, The Fat Boys are embedded in pop culture.  This is why when I scored the interview I was #ultra ( Hey Swizzz ) excited. I had sooooo many questions. I felt as if I grew up with them on my block. We all know the hard meat FACTS on TFB but what about odd things, mushy things...  I humbled myself and wrote out 7 simple questions. Read and Enjoy ! 





1. I just lub (love) yawl, how have you guys beennnnnnnnn ?


Blessed!  Appreciate the love and extremely excited at the support we've been receiving!







2.  You've been in this industry over 3 decades, where is the best place to grab inspiration ?


From the heart. Grab inspiration from the heart and reach for the stars. That's what our logo is!








3. Tell me all about your favorite book(s) ?


Without question, The Bible. It teaches, inspires and blesses.







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4. What's the one question(s) you get asked a bit too much ?


Whats my favorite book. LMAO, nah I'm just playing!








5. I've ordered several items from your clothing store, how does it feel to see your brand on fabric for fans / friends ?

You know, to see our stuff in Spencer Gifts, Urban Outfitter and Hot Topic is amazing. I'd describe it as surreal! To see so many fans rocking our gear from FatBoysClothing.com is so cool!







 6. Are you guys single and what makes any woman beautiful ?


That's a tough one; both parts! LOL Women are different in so many ways. They're strong, intellectual, sexy....soft, supple, lmao!!!







7. How do you relax ?


I love to eat @Dominos Pizza and watch TV.