7 Minutes with Saran Lajoie Bynum

Photo by: Gus Bennett

Photo by: Gus Bennett

Who inspires you most and why ?

My mother. Because she has such a beautiful spirit about everything. She overcame obstacles that most people would just quit on. She is a survivor. She taught me that there are no excuses. Just do it. Peruse your dreams.


When did the acting bug bite you ?

I began acting and taking classes at UNO when I was a Freshman in College


From there you dove into producing / directing, how does that differ from acting and how did that layer of the industry find you ?

I had the pleasure working for Queen Latifah while living in Jersey City, NJ. And being there gave me a window of what Actors and Performers really do behind the scene. I love coordinating and Film. What better way to combine the too. It's hard work from writing to being on set 24/7 to getting that reel to the right hands. It's not for everyone. Combine the two. Acting and Producing are two different animals. Acting, you study lines. You show up and deliver. Producing, you are on deck 24/7 paper work, hiring crew, organizing schedules, writing, no sleep. On and on.

How does having a relationship fit into your hectic schedule ?

You have to be with someone who understands you and accepts you and your dream and your schedule and vise versa. Have to be confident in the relationship and be willing to work together through its ups and down.


What is your ultimate dream project ?

I want to be the Black Female version of Steven Spielberg. My films will always have a Historical reference. As God as my Witness I will do a Black Cleopatra movie. In the mean time just keep educating the audience about History of the world through Film.


What actor gives you chills when they perform ?

Denzel Washington. He can play any character and forget it's Denzel. That's how great he is.


Tell me about your current Project..

Well speaking of Denzel. He was the start of Journey for my project " Where I Stand". A friend had me watch Antwone Fisher and in a scene Denzel character tells Antwone these very words " In order to move on You have to understand your past, learn to forgive and then You will be able to move forward. ". That was the start of me transforming my story into a film. I did a lot off research and began to heal. Many people told me that my story needs to be told. So being the Film industry I began coordinating and taking care of all aspects of my project. It was 5 years in the making

Log Line: It tells a story of a young woman who struggles after the wake of the Vietnam War to find her place in the world, and during the search for her birth father she finds herself in the middle of a conspiracy which threatens to take her father’s life.   This journey takes her down a rabbit hole of danger, conspiracy and deceit all while finding strength, courage and love.

Charles Jolivette Director and Kenneth James DP. Staring Nicole Lovince, Larry DE McGhee, Maria Robles, James Dewitt and Eddie Conrad as my Dad


Where do you see your brand in 2 years ?

I see my brand on TV and in magazines and in the mouths of Film Execs and major players in the Industry. Will have a full fledged office where the community can share the space and make film and produce plays and performances. Giving back is my mantra.


What's your favorite colors and why ?

My favorite colors are pink and silver. Silver because it puts me in a time warp of the Old Fashion days of glamour, clean and relaxing to the eye. Pink because I'm a girly girl. It feels playful and soft.


What Charity is close to your heart and why ?

Each One Save One. It's about the kids and the community working together. Each child needs a mentor in life


Last but never least, you were adopted and went on to overcome so much. What is your message to kids with big dreams within the foster care system ?

My message is let children know, no matter what your circumstances are and where you come from You are Special. You are Gifted and God has plans for you. We are kids with '"Scrappy Personality" meaning we are Fighters.


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