Are Jeans in Our Genes ? Daphne Marie

Jeans are one of our staple pieces in this wonderful world of style. Jeans have evolved so much over the years, that they are acceptable in Corporate America but usually on "casual Fridays". Some companies allow you to wear jeans whenever you want to.

I remember growing up there were many different brands of jeans, and usually the only thing that differentiated them were the name of the BRAND. Gloria Vanderbilt is one of those that really stuck out and were very popular.

Gloria Vanderbilt jeans were one of the first developers of the designer blue jeans. Her jeans were more tightly fitted than other jeans in the ‘70s (compare the tight fit GV jeans to those of skinny jeans today).

Skinny jeans started as a fashion for the upper echelon, and NOW everyone is wearing them. They are manufactured by many different brands and they are much more affordable. The cut is different for the many different body types of men and women. And they also come in various colors and shades of denim.


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Daphne Marie  is a Veteran Stylist & Plus Size Model.

Daphne Marie is a Veteran Stylist & Plus Size Model.

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